Zep Playground

Experiment with Zep's Perpetual Memory. This is one of several Zep memory types you can use to provide your AI Assistant with long-term memory.

Memory is a high-level abstraction offered by Zep. Developers may run a semantic search over artifacts such as Facts, Summaries, and Messages to populate prompts with relevant context.

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Facts are extracted from the dialog, and deduplicated and deconflicted. These are updated in real-time as new messages are added to the Session.

Zep offers developers tools to tune what Facts are extracted and how they are deconflicted.


Summaries are generated progressively as new messages are added to the Session. Summaries can offer more nuance than Facts, but are lossy and may not include details of messages from much earlier in the conversation.

Zep offers developers tools to tune how Summaries are generated and what dialog context is the focus of the summary.

Message History

Zep stores your Assistant's conversation in a Message History and offers a simple interface to retrieve the most recent dialog for inclusion in your prompt.